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Botkier handbagMonica Botkier handbags have been the fashion magazines hot topic already for years as the Manhattan girl Monica Botkier left her successful career as a fashion photographer and started a hugely successful Botkier bag design business. The key to her success was that she was familiar with a fashion world really close in her many years of working with elite magazines and also the fact that she had a talent for designing beautiful handbags, shoulder bags and tote bags that not only looked pretty but also were quite comfortable, functional and easy to carry. botkier knockoffsBotkier hobo bags were designed bearing in mind the person who would carry it and the emphasis was to create the bag that would serve the one carrying it not the other way round. And this is it - Monica Botkier bags are on the red carpets, seen in offices, shopping malls, meetings and parties, they are practically everywhere as all the women who appreciate tasteful designs, great quality and beautiful colors own a few of the Monica Botkier handbags and Botkier shoes as well.

Although the Botkier Trigger and Botkier Bianca Satchel have been nominated as Botkier IT bags, there are even more and more hobo bags, tote bags, clutch bags and satchel bags from this brilliant designer that also quite honestly deserve the attention and love of the handbag fashion maniacs. Botkier Trigger satchel is what makes the crowd go screaming and this is the simplicity and easy elegance of this handbag that makes the Botkier Trigger bag so popular.

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Botkier replica bags and Botkier replicas was a predictable scenario as the Asian factories immediately go after great and popular handbags as soon as they smelled the success and this also happened in case of Botkier replica bags that have flooded the stores, even some serious ones. So here goes the advice: before buying a discounted Botkier handbag, read all you can about the website you are buying from check carefully if the seller is certified distributor. See the photos of the Trigger bag or Bianca satchel or any other Botkier satchel. The quality of the photos will reveal more information and you will be able to make a justified decision on the Botkier bag. If you are happy with fake Botkier bag and Botkier replica bag, then there are many AAA Botkier replicas and imitation bags, but if you want the authentic designer bag (both designer bag for men or women), read more on Botkier sale, which is a wonderful news especially in this economy. Also the luxury handbag market has to survive and they offer more and more designer handbag sale, including Botkier sale, when many Botkier purses go on sale at a delightful price. This is the right time to buy you own authentic Botkier satchel as it is a shame to carry a fake satchel.

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Guide to Buying Botkier Designer Handbags

Botkier Designer Handbags are relatively new to the industry since this line of bags was only launched in 2003. The handbag business has been blooming so it would have been quite hard to add another product line to it, but the label’s founder and the rest of the designers seem to have found a good way to do so.

History of Botkier Bags

Monica Botkier founded the designer company. Despite the saturation in the niche market for handbags, she still managed to fit in her satchels, tote bags and clutches, which are designed to be used for special occasions. Monica is also a professional photographer and a good one at that for she was working on photo shoots for glamorous magazines, such as Mademoiselle or Surface. Her experience in the fashion industry proved to be important when it came to her creation of bags because of the contacts that she has established. Now, Botkier purses and bags are even favored by celebrities.
Later, Botkier started making shoes that are designed to match her bags. Her philosophy in designing her purses is all about luxury and functionality, which are important instead of sacrificing utility for the sake of beauty.

Botkier Bags

Botkier handbags are versatile in design, which makes them easy matches for outfits during special occasions. Monica is even considered as one of the designers expected to bloom in the handbag industry today. Her purses, satchels, totes and hobos are already becoming known as luxury items, another competitor in the busy market. Her handbags are thrust into the spotlight as her customers are young fashionistas and those young at heart.

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Celebrties and their Bags

All about the stars we love and their designer bags that we desire.

Why Shop for Designer Bags Online

Due to the popularity of these designer bags, there are many manufacturers that have taken advantage of this popularity by selling designer bag copies. These are bags designed exactly like the original label’s bags though they are made of inferior materials for cheaper production. You just need to choose whether you would like to settle for the cheaper knock-off bags or the more expensive genuine designer bags. If you want bags that last longer without wearing out too easily, it would be best for you to buy the genuine ones.

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If you are worried about not being able to pay for the prices of authentic designer bags, you can go online to look for websites that are selling these bags at a discount. There are some websites that are putting these bags on sale so you should take advantage of this opportunity to buy genuine bags at lower prices. At least you don’t have to worry about the quality of these discounted genuine bags.